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  • Seal of Quality
    Used truck chassis are tested by MAN prior to being offered. The MAN TopUsed Seal of Quality ensures even more security.
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    MAN TopUsed offers leasing and financing deals – plus you benefit from selectable guarantee options and first-class service.
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    Due to their flexibility, truck chassis are versatile and indispensable especially as construction vehicles, beverage vehicles or for special purposes such as fire-fighting vehicles.

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Strengthen your fleet with top class used truck chassis

As the basis of reliable trucks, chassis are usually frame constructions onto which the required bodies are placed. The truck chassis is designed to support the drive, the body and the payload and to stabilise them against external forces. Our truck chassis are very versatile and flexible when it comes to combine them with bodies. Therefore, they are an indispensable factor, especially in the construction industry or in many other areas of application.

Truck chassis are used in long-haul transport, but also for short and medium routes with special demands on the commercial vehicle. The possible bodies include different variations of box bodies (closed transport systems) or also types of tipper bodies (mainly suitable for transporting bulk material). A truck chassis often consists of a driver’s cab on a framework with two or more axles.

At MAN TopUsed, you will find a large selection of different truck chassis at top prices and in good quality. Depending on the required variant with two, three or even four axles, desired engine power, drive, total weight and type of body – our vehicle finder offers you high-quality, used chassis of all brands and types. Take advantage of the best second-hand quality!

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