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Because waiting is not an option

With their optimised uptime, the MAN TGM & TGL bridge any supply gap.

At a glance

  • Digitalised all-round
    Thanks to digital services and an innovative electric/electronic (E/E) architecture, you can always stay connected with your truck and thereby maximise the efficiency of your fleet management.
  • Stay connected with the MAN Driver App
    Digital pre-departure check, damage reports, breakdown service requests as well as quick guides for selected switches – all in one app.
  • Guaranteed uptime
    Whether instant repair service on site or a replacement vehicle – MAN keeps everything rolling.

Networking at its best

The MAN TGM & MAN TGL: on the road and yet connected.

To be able to react quickly, it is essential to stay connected. The MAN TGM & MAN TGL are online on the road and deliver tailor-made and innovative digital solutions to master your daily challenges.

MAN DigitalService offers individual services for vehicles, fleets and drivers.

MAN DigitalServices: our ideas for your success

On the road, the fastest route counts. The same goes for organisation. This is why we offer an ever-growing portfolio of digital services for the MAN TGM & MAN TGL, supporting you in optimising your fleet management, increasing uptime, bringing down costs, and improving driver training.

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With MAN Now you can add new features on the go.

MAN Now: Full speed ahead for innovations

Upgrades and additional functions for the MAN TGM & MAN TGL are now just a click away. MAN Now allows you to simply add new features via Over-The-Air technology. This means you can enhance vehicle efficiency, driver productivity or uptime without having to stop at a workshop. Your intermediate update.

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The MAN DriverApp offers a range of functions to streamline a trucker’s daily routines.

MAN Driver App: Colleague in smartphone format

It’s always good to have someone on the team who facilitates daily routines. Like the MAN Driver App, for example. Carrying out digital pre-departure checks, accessing individual driving style analyses, calling breakdown service, operating the infotainment system and keeping an eye on driving and rest times – an easy task with the MAN Driver app. Just as analysing and transmitting vehicle data via Perform. This app has it all.

MAN Driver App for Android

MAN Driver App for iOS

The truck which keeps on going

The MAN Uptime Guarantee makes you virtually unstoppable.

The MAN Uptime Guarantee always gets you safely to your destination.

No matter where you are, with the MAN Uptime Guarantee, you can rely on us to make sure your vehicles are always ready to go. In the event of a breakdown, we will provide support for your truck on site or take you to the nearest MAN service outlet. If the repairs can’t be completed on the same day, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle. Where there’s a member of the MAN team, there’s a way.

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Downtimes – not on our watch

MAN ServiceCare keeps your vehicle up and running.

MAN ServiceCare bundles and coordinates maintenance jobs.

Proactivity keeps you going: MAN ServiceCare

Another trip to the workshop? Not on our watch. MAN ServiceCare usefully coordinates and combines your maintenance appointments in a flexible way. Just as you need it. For with individual functional packages you configure our service so as to meet exactly the needs of your company.

As desired, MAN ServiceCare informs you by e-mail about everything coming up. This allows you to plan well in advance, increase uptime and keep your mind free for other tasks. There are plenty of those, after all.

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