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Windscreen cleaning set

The perfect match. The wiper with squeegee lip and the robust ice scraper provide the necessary visibility in no time. With telescopic handle for easy application. Storage adapted to the conditions of the respective cab variant (see overview of mounting parts). Extendable telescopic handle with connector to switch between cleaning attachment (wiper and squeegee lip) or ice scraper attachment.


  • Length: 95-150 cm
  • Colour: Grey

Your benefits

  1. Attractive set offer – no individual purchases required
  2. Easy to use
  3. Storage adapted to the respective cab
Item numbers Designation Suitable for
09.38064-0131 Ice scraper AII TG models; aII TGE (no bracket available)
08.00344-9021 Window squeegee
08.00344-9026 TeIescopic handle 95-150 cm
08.00344-9030 Window squeegee with MAN logo
09.38064-0136 Ice scraper with MAN logo
08.00344-9029 Telescopic handle anthracite/red 78–125 cm, soft handle
08-00344-9031 Telescopic handle anthracite 78–125 cm, solid handle
  1. Further information:
    You will find an overview of additionally required assembly parts in the following table. Assembly parts are no longer required for TGL and TGM with FM, FN or NN cab as well as TGS and TGX from model year 2020. For these models, the windscreen cleaning set is stored in the storage compartment.
Item number Designation Suitable for
81.63921-5001 Bracket TGL/TGM with C cab up to MY 2019; all TGL/TGM with CC cab
81.63921-5002 Bracket TGM with L and LX cab up to MY 2019
85.66915-2016 Clamp (2 required) AII TG models, TGE (no bracket available)
81.66840-0058 Bracket TGS and TGX, aII models up to MY 2019 (aII three part numbers required)
81.66840-0059 Bracket
06.67123-4419 Hose clamp (2 required)


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