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Radio MMT_1 Advanced additional functions

The MAN Media Truck Advanced offers the customer a multitude of functionalities. Thanks to the modular design, the customer has the possibility to expand the basic unit with optionally available additional functions according to their individual needs and requirements. And all this at a very attractive price-performance ratio!

Your benefits

  1. Expansion according to needs and requirements
  2. Attractive price-performance ratio

Available additional functions:

  • Hands-free functionality
  • Camera preparation
  • USB/AUX-in interface
  • Navigation

Hands-free functionality for 1 mobile phone (MFL and Bluetooth® compatible)

Activation of the hands-free system in MAN Media Truck Advanced via radio (Bluetooth). For further information on the operation of mobile phones in the vehicle, please refer to the operating instructions of your vehicle.

Microphone and connection cable must be available in the vehicle. Exceptions possible for selected vehicle types due to design. If not available, the part numbers below must be retrofitted.

Your benefits

  1. Increased safety, as the driver is not distracted by mobile phone operation
  2. More comfort
Item number Designation Suitable for
81.25890-7672 MAN Genuine software TGL, TGM, TGS, TGX models with MMT_1 from MY 2013 up to MY 2016
81.28201-0047 Microphone
81.25459-5704 MMT connection cable to A-pillar
81.25459-5550 Connection cable A-pillar to roof

Camera preparation

The connection of a camera is possible if MMT is equipped with the required software version and a camera preparation is installed. For more details, see the repair and maintenance/service information: ▶ TI 492402

Note: The camera is connected in accordance with the MANTED® guideline (MAN Technical Data and Installation Guidelines).

Your benefits

  1. Allows easy camera installation
  2. USB/AUX-IN connection in the instrument panel
Item number Designation Suitable for
see TI 492402 MAN Genuine software TGL, TGM models with MMT_1 from Euro 6 up to MY 2016; TGS, TGX models with MMT_1 from MY 2013 up to MY 2016

USB/AUX-IN connection in the instrument panel

USB/AUX-IN connection in the right edge of the centre console stowage compartment.

One connection, many possibilities:

  • Charging function for mobile phones
  • Connection option for external audio sources (e.g. MP3 player)
  • USB connection for various USB mass storage units
  • Space for cup holder on the left remains free
  • A corresponding cut-out in the instrument panel ensures an optimal fit

Your benefits

  1. Enables a large variety of functions
  2. More comfort
  3. Optimal fit in the right edge of the centre console stowage compartment

Additional information

In individual cases, socket connector C on the MMT is not assigned. For these cases, the socket connector is available separately as an individual part:
81.25475-0247 Socket connector 12-pin.
81.25475-0244 Locking part

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.25432-0543 USB socket and AUX-IN TGL, TGM models with MMT_1 from Euro 6 up to MY 2016; TGS, TGX models with MMT_1 from MY 2013 up to MY 2016
81.25460-5032 Cable harness left-hand and right-hand drive
81.28104-6057 Connecting cable left-hand drive
81.28104-6058 Connecting cable right-hand drive


Please order navigation SD card (by region) separately.


As a prerequisite, a GPS antenna must be fitted. Please enquire about our 3G/GPS combi-adhesive-antenna and LTE/GNSS combi-adhesive-antenna.

Requirements: GPS antenna available

Your benefits

  1. More driving comfort
  2. Faster/hassle-free arrival at destination

Navigation SD cards
The following regions are available:

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.28151-0116 SD Card Central Europe 2022/2023 All TG series and buses with MMT_1/MMC_1 until model year 2016
81.28151-0117 SD Card Western Europe 2022/2023
81.28151-0113 SD Card Eastern Europe 2020/2021
81.28151-0093 SD Card Australia / New Zealand 2016/2017
81.28151-0094 SD Card Argentina & Brazil 2016


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