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MAN TeleMatics

At a glance

  • Reliable planning
    With MAN TeleMatics, you receive all relevant information for you to organise the route planning of your fleet as efficiently and reliably as possible.
  • Utilising savings potential
    We help you to increase efficiency and reliability in handling of your transports, thus contributing to the reduction of fuel and administration costs.

Pioneering vehicle telematics

With MAN TeleMatics, you optimise your transport processes for efficiency.

The trailblazer of MAN DigitalServices

The trailblazer of MAN DigitalServices

You as our customer are already familiar with our MAN TeleMatics service, using this smart solution to reduce your costs and increase efficiency in your fleet. As fleet manager, you control your fleet with the help of the telematics solution in order to ensure delivery reliability and adherence to delivery dates.

Even though the telematics service has now been superseded by MAN DigitalServices, nothing about your applied solution will change. We will continue to support you until the end of the contract with our trailblazer in all things pertaining to truck telematics.

With MAN TeleMatics, you can benefit from maximum utilisation of your fleet by avoiding empty trips and detours; this means you can reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicles and also maximise uptime.

Your switch to MAN DigitalServices

The easy gateway to digital fleet management is available for you as well – with the Telematik-Box, the RIO Marketplace and the digital services offered by MAN. Of course, we will be happy to advise you individually when you make the switch.

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The MAN TeleMatics App for your smartphone and tablet

The MAN TeleMatics App for your smartphone and tablet

Keep an eye on your fleet at all times – regardless of your location. With the MAN TeleMatics app, you can access all relevant data for your vehicles even when you are on the move, you can contact the driver and you can consistently increase your fleet’s economy. The app shows you precise vehicle data in real time. In this way you can detect location deviations and immediately correct them.

The MAN TeleMatics App is available in 19 languages.

Conditions for use

  • Vehicle fitted with MAN TeleMatics on-board module
  • Active service contract
  • Mobile internet access

Your contact partner

MAN DigitalServices information hotline

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