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  • Individual 360° eMobility solutions
    Our 360° eMobility concept includes route planning, charging infrastructure, mains supply and investment costs. Tailored individually to your needs.
  • Advice from A to Z for eTruck and eBus
    We advise you on holistic, integrated charging strategies, integration of PV units and energy cost optimisation during operation.
  • Advice for already 250 customers through eMobility network of experts across Europe
    Our customers in Europe trust the expertise of about 100 eMobility experts, whom we support with seasonal energy concepts, 3-shift logistics plans or comprehensive strategies for the electrification of a city bus fleet.

Our support for your switch

MAN Transport Solutions

The switch to alternative drives brings challenges. New factors have to be taken into account for efficient and future-proof planning, e.g. the influence of topography, local climate and auxiliary consumers on range or possible charging times and the need for charging infrastructure. At MAN Transport Solutions, we know these factors and have specialised in working with you to develop a customised solution for you. We are also happy to advise you on making your switch to alternative drives as simple, plannable and successful as possible.

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Questions about the change? Find answers in our FAQs

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MAN eMobility: Your path to successful fleet electrification

Everyone is talking about the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry – MAN is actively shaping it: Look forward to the new MAN eTruck, digital solutions and a holistic product strategy for the sustainable transport of the future. Immerse yourself in the world of the MAN eMobility.
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MAN eReadyCheck: Range calculator for optimal route planning of your eTruck

Planning to purchase an all-electric truck – but you want to make sure the vehicle’s range is sufficient for your application? Just use our MAN eReadyCheck as decision support: it shows – based on selectable parameters – which MAN eVehicles will suit your usage behaviour exactly.
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MAN Transport Solutions is developing eSolutions to make it as easy as possible for customers to get started with eMobility. Since 2018, the first building block has been 360° consulting by a team of selected experts. Now the milestone of 100 comprehensive advisory projects has been reached. Development cooperation with renowned software providers plays an important role in consulting.


At the depot of Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) in Hamburg Bergedorf, a container with a total capacity of 500 kWh has been connected to the depot charging network. Together with VHH, MAN Truck & Bus will test under real operating conditions how used batteries behave after their first use in the vehicle and as stationary energy storage.

Interview on Transport Solutions
“You have to reckon with at least 18 months of planning time”

At the moment, the Corona crisis, its possible consequences and regulatory countermeasures seem to outshine everything. But there are definitely other challenges the industry continues to face. For example, the medium-term conversion of a vehicle fleet in scheduled bus service to e-buses. Read the full interview with Stefan Sahlmann, Vice President, Head of MAN Transport Solutions, MAN Truck & Bus.

Available throughout Europe
Your individual 360° mobility concept

Your individual 360° mobility concept

Over 100 customers are already convinced users of our MAN Transport Solutions – throughout Europe! Take advantage of the opportunity to receive individual advice on switching to alternative drives.
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Questions about eMobility? Find the answers here and get advice

Comprehensive advice on individual eMobility solutions: From costs and funding opportunities to charging infrastructure and energy concepts – here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Yes: When purchasing a vehicle, it is necessary to plan its use and the tailor-made charging infrastructure 1–2 years in advance. This ensures best possible uptime and minimal investment costs. 360° eMobility consultancy by MAN covers all aspects. We have proven this in over 200 customer projects.

They primarily serve to avoid CO2 emissions and support the achievement of the climate targets set worldwide. In addition, they offer advantages in terms of noise. Icing on the cake is the uninterrupted propulsion and instantly available torque, offering a unique driving experience. Thanks to modern battery technologies and megawatt charging, even ranges suitable for long-haul transport can be achieved today.

A few specialist suppliers are converting diesel vehicles to battery technology. However, due to the lack of overall vehicle optimisation, neither the range nor the consumption values of modern eTrucks are achieved. Moreover, no benefits of series production are yielded.

The higher purchase costs are offset by lower energy prices (electricity prices) compared to diesel. You also save on tolls and can receive reimbursements through new energy reallocation charges such as the GHG apportionment (THG-Umlage) in Germany. Generally speaking, the more mileage the better. We would be happy to calculate your TCO (TCO calculator) and also the target freight rate with an eTruck for you.

We would be happy to create a customised deployment plan for you based on your current routes. Together with the Fleet Manager, routes and charging stops are calculated individually. We consider up to 15 factors from temperature and route profile to battery ageing. This is done not only in the vehicle’s first year of operation, but until the intended deployment end.

Reduce investment costs using an intelligent charging strategy from 360° eMobility consulting. Whether mobile charging station or megawatt charging/fast charging: We plan for you from groundbreaking to power connection with the grid operator to maintenance and service. Together with our partners, we cover the complete project management.

Yes! With our charging infrastructure partners ABB, Schaltbau / SBRS and Heliox, we offer the all-round carefree package: from charging infrastructure planning, funding application, grid connection application, construction planning to installation and maintenance. We also integrate your PV system / solar plant or wind power plant to reduce costs. A battery storage system can possibly reduce the connection costs.

The costs consist of the charging technology, the construction work and possibly costs for new connections on the part of the grid operator. They depend on your needs – and range from a few thousand euros for a mobile solution to currently 30,000–40,000 euros for a charging station with 150 kWh to larger investment costs for entire charging parks. Important: Precise planning of the optimal charging strategy resulting from 360° eMobility consulting lowers your investment costs.