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WLTP exhaust gas regulation

The NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) has been superseded by the WLTP (worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure). This new test method offers advantages in terms of improved comparability, made possible by standardised driving profiles and measurement procedures. Furthermore, the test structure of the WLTP aims for a considerably more realistic representation of consumption and emission values.

We have compiled the most important information for you in a brief summary:

MAN TGE WLTP weight and certification

1. Which MAN TGEs are affected by the WLTP?

Only vehicles with an absolute mass of less than 2610 kg which are approved via the method for light-duty vehicles are affected. In this method, the complete vehicle is placed on a roller test bench.

Heavier vehicles are currently not affected. They are approved using the method for heavy-duty vehicles, where only the engine is placed on the test bench.

2. When does the WLTP start taking effect for the MAN TGEs?

All new passenger vehicles must be registered according to the WLTP as of 01 September 2018. For the MAN TGE, this means that only the combi-van version is initially affected, since this has a passenger vehicle registration (M1). From 01 September 2019, all MAN TGE must be registered according to WLTP.

All versions of the 2020 model of the MAN TGE will be approved in accordance with the WLTP and can hence also be registered after 01 September 2019.

Vehicles registered before 01 September 2019 are not affected by the WLTP.

MAN TGE WLTP for add-ons and extensions

3. To what extent are body and upgrade solutions affected by the WLTP?

Body and upgrade solutions ex works (single-invoice transactions)

For body and upgrade solutions ex works (single-invoice transactions), the obligatory identification according to WLTP applies to 2020 model vehicles. Your MAN partner will be happy to discuss the new CO2 emissions of your vehicle complete with add-ons.

Multi-invoice transactions

For body solutions added to your vehicle after delivery from the factory but before first registration, either the respective MAN dealership or the body manufacturer will calculate the CO2 values using a calculation tool provided by MAN.

Before 01 September 2019, vehicles with body or upgrade solutions approved according to NEDC can still be registered without any problems and will not be affected by the transition. After 01 September 2019, it will only be possible to register vehicles approved according to NEDC as part of an exception permit that must be applied for.