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Transport without limits

The MAN TGS drives into a hangar.

At a glance

  • Reliable safety
    The MAN TGS features smart assistance and safety systems to optimally support the driver on any terrain.
  • Reduced downtime
    Maintenance is not something which can wait: MAN ServiceCare and the MAN DriverApp keep downtimes to a minimum and ensure that they can be planned well in advance.
  • Instantly at your service
    Thanks to the outstanding MAN spare parts supply system and the tightly-knit network of workshops, we always get you back on the road – or construction site – in no time.

Cutting edge(s) technology

The MAN Turn Assist eliminates notorious blind spots.

The MAN Turn Assist increases safety during challenging turns.

In today’s traffic conditions, it’s almost as if drivers sometimes need an extra eye. The MAN turn assist is precisely that. It keeps a clear view during challenging turns. If another road user is detected in the area next to the truck, it triggers a three-stage warning cascade on the right-hand A-pillar. Depending on how urgent it is for the driver to intervene, the alarm ranges from one LED light to three LED lights and an additional alarm sound.

To the MAN Turn Assist

Saying no to downtimes

Efficient and predictive maintenance procedures are our solution for keeping downtimes to a minimum.

MAN ServiceCare ensures proactive maintenance management.

MAN ServiceCare: proactive action for you to stay in action

Another trip to the workshop? Not on our watch. MAN ServiceCare usefully coordinates and combines your maintenance appointments in a flexible way. Just as you need it. With individual solution packages you configure the maintenance management so as to meet the needs of your company.

MAN ServiceCare informs you by e-mail about everything coming up. For all your MAN vehicles, this service is free of charge.

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The MAN Driver App is the fastest way to connect to fleet management and Mobile24.

Smart on the road: the MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver App is an invaluable companion which can be used to quickly transmit digital pre-departure check data and damage reports and request breakdown service without delay. The scan function makes it possible to display quick guides for selected switches and check lamps.

To the MAN Driver App

Or download directly at:

MAN Driver App for iOS

MAN Driver App for Android

The TGS is equipped with a modular vehicle electrical system.

Knowing where: quick diagnosis of the modular vehicle electrical system

Effective troubleshooting – thanks to the modular structure of the vehicle electrical system, defective parts can be quickly identified and replaced. This minimizes downtimes and service costs. Another advantage of the modular design: The system can be expanded as required, thus offering a high degree of flexibility. Whatever the future holds, we already have a solution for you.

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