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Door side extension

Door side extension

A door side trim made of damage-resistant plastic attached to the underside of the doors improves the aerodynamic flow around the vehicle. This reduces fuel consumption. The entrance area gets less dirty and is not exposed to the weather. Thus, the vehicle is visually enhanced and the driver is protected from slipping on icy or dirty steps. Furthermore, access to the cab is made more difficult by the concealed steps. This offers protection against theft.

Note: Installation by a MAN service outlet is recommended.

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.62610-0075 Door extension left, narrow, RAL 9010 1) TGS with TN, TM and NN cabs from model year 2020
81.62610-0076 Door extension right, narrow, RAL 9010 1)
81.62610-0077 Door extension left, narrow, textured lacquer finish
81.62610-0078 Door extension right, narrow, textured lacquer finish
81.62610-0079 Door extension left, wide, RAL 9010 1) TGX with GN, GM and GX cabs from model year 2020
81.62610-0080 Door extension right, wide, RAL 9010 1)
81.62610-0081 Door extension left, wide, textured lacquer finish
81.62610-0082 Door extension right, wide, textured lacquer finish
  1. pure white


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