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Decorative film set “Fire Lion Silver”

The MAN Genuine Décor Set lets you customise your vehicle. Give your MAN a very personal touch with a perfect set-up. Make your vehicle a real eye-catcher! The set consists of 2 silver-white lion decorative films that stretch extensively over the doors and the side of the vehicle on both sides of the truck. This decorative element forms the main feature of the exterior. Decorative films can show signs of use and ageing after one to three years, especially in direct sunlight. In very hot climates, this may occur in as little as a year. If the decorative film remains on the vehicle for a longer period of time, visual differences may occur between the area of the paintwork covered by the decorative film and the area not protected by the film.

Your benefits

  1. Vehicle personalisation
  2. Unique design
  3. Your vehicle becomes a real eye-catcher
Item number Designation Suitable for
U1.97812-6001 Decorative film set “Fire Lion Silver” TGX from Euro 6 until MY 2019


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