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A constant up and down: Cumulative elevation with the E-bus

The MAN Lion’s City E electric bus at the roadshow in Linz

Recuperation as part of the concept

Electric bus test drive in Austria: For the premiere, the Linz Linien GmbH representatives selected the steepest sections of the route network.

Austrian premiere in the Alpine foothills

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Surrounded by mountains and interspersed with hills: During the Europe-wide roadshow, MAN had the Lion’s City E tested on everyday routes in Linz with cumulative elevation.

As part of the city-owned holding company Linz AG, Linz Linien GmbH has long had a special focus on alternative energies – and thus on e-mobility. Located at an altitude of 266 metres above sea level, Austria’s third largest city is surrounded by mountains, stretches over almost 96 square kilometres on both sides of the Danube and is home to over 200,000 people. A perfect environment to put the climbing and descending abilities of the MAN Lion’s City E to the test.

Innovative test drive in the innovation city of Linz

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“Linz changes” – As one of the most innovative cities in Austria, Linz is open to alternative models such as the MAN electric bus.

In the immediate vicinity of the Alpine foothills, 88 MAN hybrid buses are already on the road, providing a good start for the electric fleet member. Some time ago, the responsible people had already expressed interest in testing an all-electric city bus. Therefore, the City of Linz was not only going to be a stop on the #ElectrifyingEurope roadshow through European cities, but was also chosen as the premiere for Austria: After all, the city on the Danube had advertised “It starts in Linz” for years, a slogan still lingering in the people’s minds today. Even though the times, the city and also the slogan have changed over the years: “Linz changes” is the motto today – fitting for a first step towards e-mobility.

Everyday life for male and female drivers – A challenge for electric buses

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For bus drivers in Linz and their passengers, uphill and downhill gradients are constant companions on every journey.

In Linz, innovation is not just lip service – the city has the highest rate of patents among the Austrian provincial capitals. A perfect environment for the MAN Lion’s City E – and a tough one. The people of Linz are used to putting new things to the test and have included the toughest inclines and descents in the route network in their test track. Not only because it’s fun: For male and female bus drivers and their passengers, the constant ups and downs are part of everyday life.

Every incline is followed by energy recovery

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Climbing the mountain without any problems – and down the slope with fresh energy: The MAN Lion’s City E uses recuperation to ensure that range is available even in hilly city traffic.

Jolt-free driving off and powerful acceleration should be a matter of course for anyone who has ever driven an electric vehicle. In mountainous Linz, the e-bus also demonstrates its recuperation capabilities: While the MAN Lion’s City E climbs hills without problems and just as smoothly as on level surfaces, it uses every descent for energy recovery – which works very well thanks to the powerful central motor and a large battery. A feature which can have a positive effect on the range if metres in altitude are added to the distance metres. Conclusion for the Linz Linien GmbH testers: “Mastered with flying colours.”

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