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MAN Commercial Vehicles and transport solutions

Our MAN vehicles

  • Ergonomic cockpit with our innovative MAN SmartSelect infotainment control
  • Efficient driveline increases the economy
  • Smart assistance systems* support your driver, thus increasing road safety

*Within the limits of the system.

TGX Brochure
  • Ergonomic driver’s workplace with reading and operating level
  • Stair-like step unit with non-slip steps and MAN EasyControl four-button keypad
  • Maximum comfort during breaks thanks to the Vario folding passenger seat and folding table

TGS Brochure
  • Enlarged field of vision due to lowered cockpit and aerodynamic external mirrors
  • Ergonomic step unit with non-slip steps and low entry height
  • Maximum payload thanks to systematic weight reduction
TGM/L brochure
The MAN Lion’s Coach
  • Powerful and efficient coach with up to 510 HP
  • Outstanding comfort for driver and passengers
  • Maximum safety thanks to innovative assistance systems*

* Within the limits of the system.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity
  • Lightweight with up to 59 seats
  • Powerful nine-litre engine with up to 360 HP
  • Extensive safety equipment
  • Wide range of applications as intercity bus, shuttle bus or school bus
The MAN Lion’s City Ü
  • Efficient low-floor bus for intercity travel
  • Comfort for up to 44 passengers
  • Modular concept for urban and rural travel
The MAN Lion’s City
  • Feel-good driver’s workplace with intuitive operation for optimum support in daily work
  • Low life cycle costing (LCC) and maintenance-friendly vehicle concept
  • Efficient nine-litre engine with up to 360 HP
  • Developed hand in hand with our customers
The MAN Lion’s City G
The MAN Lion’s City G
  • Powerful natural gas engine with lower pollutant and noise emissions than a classic diesel engine
  • Up to 1,875 l of natural gas ensure a long range in urban traffic
  • MAN EfficientHybrid available: an additional electric motor for even greater efficiency in terms of emissions and fuel consumption

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A perfect complement to our high-quality MAN vehicles are our individual MAN service solutions. With our repair and maintenance services and mobility solutions you will always stay mobile. MAN Genuine Parts and accessories optimally matched to your vehicle also ensure greater comfort and cost efficiency.

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