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Superior safety for INTERCITY bus applications

The MAN Lion’s Intercity on the road in urban and rural areas

At a glance

  • Exceptional driveability
    With independent front suspension and improved agility resulting from a tight-radius turning circle, MAN's charter/school bus chassis makes for easy operation.
  • Endurance performance
    Boasting the latest European technology, MAN's D15 engine is cleaner than ever. Delivering outstanding efficiency and reliable power, MAN's charter/school bus chassis is ideally suited for daily use in this demanding application.
  • Safety comes first
    When it comes to charter/school bus applications, MAN's chassis features superior safety systems ensuring occupants are in the best of hands. Whether utilised as a charter bus or a daily school bus, our versatile bus chassis is ideal.


The MAN RR8 charter/school bus range guarantees exceptionally efficient, durable, and reliable vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also offer the most up to date and effective safety features on the market.

The ultra-economical IC 19.330 E6 is both lightweight and durable with incredibly fuel efficiency.Accommodating bus bodies between 10.5m and 13.5m in length, our charter/school bus range guarantees exceptional on-road performance, extraordinary handling, and low whole-of-life costs. Offering up to 65 adult premium seats and wheelchair accessibility, MAN's charter/school chassis has a solution for every need.

Lion’s Intercity LE

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Irizar body

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Marcopolo body

Safe bus travel thanks to MAN hygiene measures

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Bonluck body

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Coach Design body

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Volgren body

IC 19.330 RR8 Chassis with Custom Design body

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