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    Tipper trucks are robust and versatile and are primarily used on construction sites and in agriculture.

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Tipper trucks are mostly used in the construction industry for transporting bulk material, but are also frequently used in the public sector by road maintenance services or parks departments. In the agricultural sector, grain tippers with a closed body or tarpaulins are often used to protect the load from the weather.

The range of these commercial vehicles starts with small vans and extends to oversized dump trucks for heavy transport, which are used in open-cast mining or heavy-duty transport and can reach weights in the range of several hundred tonnes. On the road, tipper bodies are commonly used on all standard truck chassis, with heavier trucks often using semitrailer tractors with tipper bodies mounted. The tipper body is a load platform connected to the chassis of the carrier vehicle via a tipping mechanism, which can be partially tilted to three sides – thus unloading is effected by deliberately sliding down the load from the loading platform. High payloads and a large loading volume make tippers an alternative in many areas.

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