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    All used tank and silo vehicles are tested prior to being offered. The MAN TopUsed Seal of Quality ensures even more security.
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    Due to their special design, tank and silo vehicles are the best solution for the safe transport of all kinds of liquids or free-flowing bulk material.

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Strengthen your fleet with used tank and silo trucks

When it comes to transporting liquids of all kinds or free-flowing bulk material, a silo vehicle is indispensable, as its special design ensures the safe transport of the goods to be transported. At the same time, easy loading and unloading of the contents is guaranteed. Silo vehicles differ from other truck bodies in their round design. The vehicles also have a folding ladder at the rear – it is used to climb onto the vehicle. A safety walking grate makes it possible to walk the entire length of the tank.

Trucks with tank bodies exist in various designs. While some versions are purely transport vehicles, many tankers also have equipment on board to deliver their cargo. Basically, a distinction can be made between fixed tanks and interchangeable or demountable tanks, which are either circular, elliptical or box-shaped. This allows tankers to safely transport all kinds of liquids.

MAN TopUsed offers you a wide range of tank and silo vehicles. Whether for transporting bulk material, fine-grained materials or liquids of all kinds, our vehicle finder offers used trucks of all makes and types for sale. Search and find the perfect addition to your fleet and benefit from the excellent quality of our commercial vehicles.

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