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Health and safety of drivers and passengers have top priority. Find out here the well thought-out hygiene measures and devices you can use to actively contribute to infection protection in your MAN and NEOPLAN coaches, thus reducing the risk of infection. You have the option of having your existing or future coaches equipped by MAN TopUsed with the comprehensive hygiene measures package or of retrofitting selected devices. All equipment and accessories can be retrofitted by a MAN service outlet near you. Everything you receive will be of the usual MAN quality – you can count on that.

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Interior air filters actively protect against viruses
Antiviral interior air filters

The air is cleared! Integrated interior air filters, which are known as HEPA filters, actively protect against the transmission of viruses by reducing the concentration of aerosols to a minimum.

  • Protect both personal health and the environment
  • Significantly reduce the risk of infection in the interior
  • Reliably filter viral aerosols from the air (viruses, bacteria, pollen, mite eggs and excrements, dusts)
Hygienic protection wall in the bus
Hygiene protection wall

The floor-to-ceiling wall protects against SARS-CoV-2 viruses and other infections.

  • Made of break-proof polycarbonate
  • Securely fixed with an aluminium profile
  • Available with or without a cut-out for ticket sales
Disinfection of interior bus surfaces
Surface and seat disinfection

The disinfection of surfaces reduces the risk of smear infection by viruses or bacteria, across the board!

  • Invisible, permanent, self-disinfecting and antimicrobial coating for surfaces
  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Effective infection protection that lasts up to 12 months
Hand sanitizer dispenser in front of the entrance
Hand sanitizer dispenser

With the contactless hand sanitizer dispenser, everyone on board can take matters of reducing the risk of infection into their own hands.

  • Battery-operated and sensor-controlled
  • Enables contactless hand disinfection
  • Comprehensive hygienic protection for all passengers
Contactless sensor technology
Contactless sensor technology in the on-board toilet

The contactless sensor technology allows passengers a secure operation in an exceedingly sensitive area – a particularly hygienic solution.

  • The flush is triggered without touching a button
  • Contactless sensor-controlled hand sanitizer dispenser

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