No costs are assumed for maintenance and repair work on the MAN truck or on attachments, installations, conversions and superstructures unless these are expressly included in the uptime guarantee. The uptime guarantee does not apply to breakdowns due to damage for which the manufacturer is not responsible.

Damage caused by a circumstance for which MAN is not responsible, such as accident, intent, force majeure, etc.

This includes damage/consequential damage

  1. as a result of an accident, i.e. due to damage occurring externally
  2. as a result of intent or gross negligence: Gross negligence shall be deemed to exist in particular, but not conclusively, if wrong or unsuitable fuel has been filled, the tank has been emptied or the battery has been discharged due to a circumstance for which the manufacturer is not responsible, or in the event of loss or breaking off of the vehicle key
  3. as a result of wilful or malicious acts, improper use
  4. as a result of fire or explosion damage caused by external influences
  5. as a result of force majeure
  6. due to falling rocks
  7. as a result of war events of any kind, civil war, civil unrest, strike, lockout, confiscation or other sovereign interventions, or due to nuclear energy

Damage caused by non-compliance with legal or MAN requirements/guidelines & by modifications to the vehicle or to installations/superstructures not authorised by the manufacturer and/or legislator

This includes damage/consequential damage

  1. arising from participation in racing-type driving events or from the associated practice drives.
  2. which arise because the MAN truck has been used contrary to its intended use (e.g. subjected to higher axle or trailer loads than those specified by the manufacturer).
  3. that arise because the specifications (dimensions and weights) for the MAN truck have not been complied with.
  4. caused as a result of modifications to the original construction of the vehicle (tuning, retrofitting, conversion, etc.) or by the installation of third-party parts or accessories (e.g. dual-fuel systems), unless these modifications have been certified (e.g. due to non-compliance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines), approved and/or authorised by the manufacturer.
  5. which have arisen as a result of any kind of manipulation of the odometer or tachograph and operating hour meter.
  6. which have arisen due to non-compliance with amended or new legal requirements since initial registration.
  7. caused by the use of paraffined or contaminated fuel and/or AdBlue fluid.

Damage as a result of improper or non-executed repair/maintenance

This includes damage/consequential damage

  1. which have arisen as a result of the use of an item that is recognisably in need of repair, unless the damage is demonstrably unrelated to the need for repair, or the defect was repaired in a makeshift manner with the consent of the MAN service outlet at the time of the damage.
  2. as a result of improper repair services or maintenance, insofar as these were causal for the damage.
  3. or costs arising from the removal of leaking service products (e.g. environmental damage).

Consequential damage due to damage to the tyres, balancing weights, a defective trailer/semitrailer or expenses incurred due to damage to the goods being transported

This includes damage/consequential damage

  1. caused by damage to the tyres and balancing weights.
  2. or costs pertaining to the MAN truck caused by a tyre damage.
  3. which are causally attributable to a defective trailer or semitrailer.
  4. on the transported goods, or expenses incurred due to lost freight.