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  • Seal of Quality
    Used semitrailer tractors/trucks or articulated lorries are comprehensively tested prior to being offered. The MAN TopUsed Seal of Quality ensures even more security.
  • Financing and Service
    MAN TopUsed offers you leasing and financing deals – plus you benefit from selectable guarantee options and first-class service.
  • Practical all-rounder
    Semitrailer tractors are mainly used in long-haul transport and are suitable for many types of goods transport such as large-volume transport or heavy-duty transport.

Buying a used semitrailer tractor/truck is worthwhile!

Strengthen your fleet with used semitrailer tractors with our seal of quality

Long-distance drivers who are on the road for more than 130,000 kilometres a year must always be wide awake and feel comfortable in their mobile workplace. That’s why used semitrailer tractors leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and driving safety: Cruise control lifts the burden on the driver on longer journeys, independent heating and air conditioning ensure a pleasant feel-good climate, and comfortable beds provide a level of sleeping comfort that is almost like being at home.

Semitrailer tractors are practical all-rounders that can pull any type of semitrailer. They have a cab, steering and drive axles, engine and gearbox. Instead of a load platform, they are equipped with a fifth-wheel coupling – the semitrailer is “semi-mounted” onto this and connected with a kingpin. As semitrailer combinations are not as manoeuvrable as articulated lorries or individual trucks, they are mainly used in long-haul freight transport or as construction site vehicles in national or international transport.

Second-hand semitrailer combinations are a good alternative to new vehicles. Click through our vehicle finder – the optimum semitrailer tractor for your requirements is already waiting for you! At MAN TopUsed, you benefit from a large selection of different tractor vehicles at favourable prices, across all manufacturers, in all weight classes and types.

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