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Retrofit RIO Box / MAN Genuine on-board telematics module 3 (for vehicles up to MY 2019)

Retrofit RIO Box / MAN Genuine on-board telematics module 3 (for vehicles up to MY 2019)

The third-generation MAN Genuine on-board telematics module (called: RIO Box) is the hardware installed in the vehicle for the use of digital services (MAN DigitalServices / RIO Services). Also suitable for older MAN models and vehicles from other truck manufacturers by means of FMS (fleet management interface) to manage a complete vehicle fleet via a single logistics platform.

The RIO Box provides access to the RIO platform, which allows booking of individual digital services from MAN, RIO and third-party providers. The RIO Box takes over the transmission (= mobile data modem and firewall) of a multitude of data, which is processed into profitable services on the RIO platform.

Your benefits

  1. Enables the use of digital services
  2. Management of a complete fleet possible via a single logistics platform

Additional information

Target group:

Customers who want to manage individual vehicles or a complete fleet (MAN and third-party vehicles) via a single platform with numerous online services.


Technical data:

  • Single DIN slot format
  • Computing power already designed for data transmission of future telematics and logistics functions.
  • Working memory 1 GB RAM
  • Permanent memory 8 GB Flash Memory
  • Data transmission rate: as of 08/2017: UMTS (up to 42 Mbit/s)
  • as of 05/2018: LTE (up to 150 Mbit/s)
  • Three separate partitions, each with its own operating system (Linux and Automotive Realtime System) for particularly high system stability and security
  • Supports FMS from version 1.0 and is therefore multi-brand capable
Item number Designation Suitable for
  Retrofit RIO Box / MAN Genuine on-board telematics module 3 TGL, TGM from Euro 6 up to MY 2019; TGS from Euro 5 up to MY 2019;
TGX all models up to MY 2019; TGE on request;
third-party brands with fleet management interface (from version 1.0)


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