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Retrofit kit MAN EfficientCruise®

The GPS-controlled cruise control recognises uphill and downhill gradients of the route ahead based on stored map material and continuously adjusts the speed to the current situation. It relieves the driver, is easy to operate, offers a harmonious driving experience and maximum driving comfort. The retrofit kits offer high levels of security thanks to a short amortisation period.

Target group: Customers (especially second-hand vehicle keepers) who travel long distances on motorways (in EU & neighbouring countries).

Your benefits

  1. Increased driving comfort by adapting the speed to the course of the track
  2. Reducing the driver’s workload by adjusting the cruise control
  3. Security thanks to short amortisation period


Vehicle requirements:

  • The driver sets a desired speed of at least 60 km/h for the cruise control (FGR) or the distance-controlled Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
  • The vehicle has GPS reception.
  • The current map material of the on-board telematics module (TBM2) covers almost the entire European road network.
  • The topographical data of the frequented roads is stored in the map material.
Item number Designation Suitable for
  Retrofit kit MAN EfficientCruise┬« TGS, TGX from MY 02/2015 up to MY 2019
(For details, see retrofitting instructions in the MAN Service Portal )


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