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MAN Bus chassis

MAN Bus chassis

At a glance

  • Great efficiency, low cost of ownership
    Thanks to a consistent lightweight design, the MAN chassis impresses with low fuel consumption and great efficiency. The maintenance and repair-friendliness ensures short downtimes and superb uptimes.
  • MAN's history is one you can count on
    With a history dating back over 250 years and a world-class pedigree, MAN Truck & Bus produces some of the world’s finest bus chassis.
  • Safety comes first
    Numerous safety systems of the MAN chassis ensure optimal safety for the driver and passengers alike.

A solid MAN: the perfect foundation

MAN’s bus range redefines efficiency, safety, and comfort and caters for a wide range of customer applications.

MAN's high-quality bus chassis is ideal for all requirements and deployment purposes, and provides optimal flexibility to capture the market with your own ideas.

Proven MAN quality always ensures a solid foundation for your success. When it comes to innovation and power, dynamics and comfort, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness, our body-friendly chassis provide you with maximum possibilities and meet all your expectations.

No matter what you need, MAN has the solution. With limitless versatility, the MAN bus chassis can easily meet all requirements. Suitable for every application, every destination, and every demand – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to MAN.

Backed by MAN Opti-Connect, a powerful enterprise grade telematics solution from our partner, Microlise, MAN buses offer improved levels of fleet efficiency and safety and reduce environmental impact.

Whether you use the chassis as a powerful foundation for city and scheduled-service intercity buses or for coaches, you will be impressed by the comprehensive body compatibility and MAN’s high quality.

The ideal vehicle foundation for every deployment purpose

Low-floor chassis
Low-floor chassis

Suitable for single and double decker city bus bodies with stepless floors throughout.

  • Body length: 10.5 to 13,8 metres
  • Engine power output: 270 hp to 360 hp, Diesel/CNG
  • Emissions category: Euro 4 to Euro 6
Low-entry chassis
Low-entry chassis

Suitable for single decker city and intercity bus bodies with stepless entry.

  • Body length: 10.5 to 12.8 metres
  • Engine power output: 250 hp to 360 hp, Diesel/CNG
  • Emissions category: Euro 4 to Euro 6
High-floor chassis intercity
High-floor chassis intercity

Suitable for single decker intercity bus and high-floor city bus bodies, as well as simple coach bodies; provides plenty of space for a luggage compartment.

  • Body length: 10.35 to 13.2 metres
  • Engine power output: 250 hp to 360 hp, Diesel
  • Emissions category: Euro 5 to Euro 6
  • Body height: up to max. 3.6 metres
High-floor chassis coach
High-floor chassis coach

Suitable for powerful single and double decker coach and intercity bus bodies; provides plenty of space for a luggage compartment.

  • Body length: 10.35 to 14.6 metres
  • Engine power output: 350 hp to 510 hp, Diesel
  • Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6
  • Body height: up to max. 4.2 metres

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