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TGE Exterior Design Elements

Grant your TGE uniqueness and create individual accents. With various easy-to-fit design elements, you can enhance your vehicle – be it with elements in timeless black as well as sporty carbon look or with red design applications. The choice is yours. They can be ideally complemented by the interior design elements.

Fog light frame cover in carbon look

Mirror cap cover and indicator frame cover

Decorative film, red

Radiator grille cover and bumper cover

Loading sill cover

Note: The use of primer 04.10106-9068 is mandatory for the assembly of the covers. This applies to all products listed with the exception of the decorative film.

Item number Designation Suitable for
U1.63732-0002 Mirror cap cover, left TGE
U1.63732-0003 Mirror cap cover, right
U1.63732-0004 Indicator frame cover, red, left
U1.63732-0005 Indicator frame cover, red, right
U1.41614-6003 Fog light frame cover in carbon look, set, right&left
U1.41614-0009 Radiator grille cover, red
U1.41614-6002 Stainless steel-look bumper cover, three-part
U1.41614-0018 Loading sill cover
U1.97812-6036 Decorative film, set, red


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