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Tachograph disc

Tachograph disc

The tachograph discs record speed, distance travelled as well as driving and rest times. Manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001, they can be evaluated using the following methods:

  • Visual evaluation
  • Software evaluation
  • Microscopic evaluation


  • Scope of supply: 100 tachograph discs per item number
Item number Designation Suitable for
81.27103-0026 Tachograph disc 125-3000-24E (1 day, 1 driver, 125 km/h) All MAN vehicles with analogue tachograph
81.27103-0052 Tachograph disc (1 day, 125 km/h)
81.27103-0053 Tachograph disc 125-24/2EC4B (1 day, 2 drivers, 125 km/h, electronically evaluable)
82.27103-0017 Tachograph disc 24EC4KA (combination disc w/o eng. speed, Austria) Combination disc, not electronically evaluable, separate approval for Austria (cannot be replaced with 81.27103-0053)


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