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The MAN eTGE electric van

Award winning

At a glance

  • Range of up to 130 km
    The MAN eTGE can achieve a realistic range of 120 to 130 km (110 to 115 km according to WLTP) – depending on driving style, route topography and auxiliary consumers.
  • Virtually silent and emission-free
    Thanks to particularly quiet operation and free travel despite access restrictions, you transport and deliver 24/7 in an environmentally friendly, quiet and economical manner.
  • Versatile vehicle body options
    Whether panel van, combi, tipper, box or platform body – the MAN eTGE is as versatile as its applications.

Far too expensive? On the contrary!

Over a period of four years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is equivalent to that of the diesel-powered TGE. In the long term, the MAN eTGE may even be the more economical option – thanks to government funding, tax benefits and reduced energy costs.

Cost comparison MAN eTGE and MAN TGE with diesel drive.

Configure your desired vehicle

Configure your MAN TGE now according to your requirements and wishes.

The TGE models from MAN in a workshop.

MAN TGE Configurator

Your individual MAN TGE: Panel van, chassis cab, crew cab, Combi van or electric van? Thanks to the MAN TGE Configurator you can create the right vehicle for your application.
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In brief: Charge, load and head off for a quiet delivery

Quiet in operation

24/7 quiet delivery with the MAN eTGE

Optimal range for urban traffic

The MAN eTGE provides the optimum range for urban traffic.

No compromises on cargo space capacity

Comparison of cargo spaces between the MAN eTGE and the diesel TGE.

Charging with an AC Wallbox

Charging at an AC Wallbox

Fast charging at a DC charging station

Charging process at a DC charging station

Charging at a 230 V socket

Charging process at a 230 V socket

Versatile vehicle body options

The MAN eTGE proves its quality on short routes in urban traffic and scores with numerous vehicle body options to meet almost any requirement.

Box body for the MAN eTGE by Spier

Spier box body

  • Loading space capacity up to 13.5 m³
  • Double wing door and pull-out furniture stairs for comfortable loading and unloading
  • Payload up to 750 kg
  • Dimensions: 3,280 x 2,060 x 2,000 mm
  • Possible body height: up to 2,200 mm
  • Gross vehicle weight: 3.5 t
  • Optional liftgate
Tipper body for the MAN eTGE by Schoon

Schoon tipper body

  • Lightweight aluminium tipper body
  • Payload up to 750 kg
  • Permissible gross weight 3.5 t
  • Functional lashing eyes for cargo lashing
  • Dimensions: 3,255 x 2,040 x 300 mm

Platform body for the MAN eTGE by Schoon

Schoon platform body

  • Lightweight aluminium platform body
  • Lashing eyes for cargo lashing
  • Payload up to 820 kg
  • Permissible gross weight 3.5 t
  • Dimensions: 3,255 x 2,040 x 300 mm

MAN eTGE Combi Van

Electro shuttle

  • Up to 8+1 seats
  • Gross vehicle weight: 3.5 t
  • Individual seats with three-point belt
  • Seat heating for all passengers
  • Rail system for quick and easy installation/removal of the seats in the passenger area
  • Extensive safety equipment

The MAN eTGE in detail

Deciding factor daily distance

From the workshop to the site and back or on a delivery tour through the city. Vans travelling in inner cities usually only cover short distances. The eTGE is the ideal vehicle for this task.

Numerous studies have shown a daily average mileage of 60-80 km, which the MAN eTGE generally handles effortlessly. According to WLTP, the MAN eTGE achieves a range of 110 to 115 km. This value is based on a driving cycle with predominantly high speeds. Depending on other factors, such as route topography or the use of auxiliary consumers, the range can be increased even further.

Range criteria

Heating/air conditioning

An electric drive produces significantly less waste heat compared with a combustion engine. For this reason, the MAN eTGE uses a highly efficient, purely electric heating and air conditioning system. The heater’s power consumption may still considerably reduce the range of your electric vehicle, especially at lower minus temperatures. By targeted pre-tempering your eTGE during the charging time, you can specifically counteract this.

Auxiliary consumers

Vehicle lighting, multimedia systems, USB ports and assistance systems also require battery power. In the MAN eTGE, all auxiliary consumers are therefore designed for maximum energy efficiency. This means they only have a noticeable influence on the scope if they continue working to their full extent during prolonged stops. The eTGE offers you a savings mode that reduces the auxiliary consumer’s energy use.

Traffic & driving cycles

The current average speeds in typical city traffic range between 14-18 km/h. while the speed limits on most routes are at 50 —60 km/h. Electric drive concepts are highly energy efficient in these speed ranges. In stop-and-go traffic, the MAN eTGE delivers electrical energy back to the battery during each coasting phase thanks to recuperation.

Topography & load

The weight of the load and the topographic profile of the route have a relatively small influence on the range. Operation of the heating and high speeds have a much greater impact. Nevertheless, a detailed analysis of your route network and your load requirements are important. as this can provide you with helpful information on optimising driving routes and vehicle circuits.

Charging options for the MAN eTGE

AC Wallbox

Ready to go! The ideal charging station for your eTGE is the AC Wallbox. Installed on the premises of your company or at home, it ensures that your electric van is charged overnight and ready for use in the morning. The compact charging unit with a connected load of 7.2 kW fully charges your eTGE in less than five and a half hours (05:20 hrs). You will need a certified electrician to install the AC Wallbox. Your sales advisor will be happy to consult you on the charging options for your vehicle.

DC charging

Total flexibility when “Fuelling electricity”. Your electric van needs to cover additional distances today? No problem. Our series standard CCS charging socket makes it easy for you to top on energy. Fast DC charging at any CCS DC voltage charging station with 40 kW output: After just 45 minutes the battery of your MAN eTGE is filled up again by 80%.

By the way: The eTGE comes with a standard on-board navigation system that shows you the closest charging station. Please note that you will require a special charging card or app, depending on the charging station operator.

AC charging

Stay mobile. Everywhere. Even if there is no charging station! The charging unit of our MAN eTGE also makes it possible to use a conventional 230 V socket, e.g. while working on the construction site or at home in your garage. For a full charge using standard power, we recommend charging overnight.

How does recuperation work?

Each time the vehicle is coasting, new electricity is generated and the range is thus increased: Recuperation ensures that the kinetic energy of your eTGE is not lost. Instead, it flows back into the battery.

Recuperation in the MAN eTGE

The term recuperation is primarily used for alternative drive systems. It describes the process in which electric vehicles convert kinetic energy back to electric energy.

In contrast to conventional diesel drives where most of the kinetic energy is dissipated during the braking process without being used, electric vehicles exploit this energy to increase their range.

The MAN eTGE has a single recuperation stage when the vehicle is coasting. This means that when the driver lifts his foot from the accelerator and the vehicle is simply rolling, the electric motor functions as an alternator. The wheels transmit the kinetic energy to the electric motor via the driveline, meaning the engine then functions similarly to a dynamo on a bicycle: The car is braked and the recuperated energy is fed into the high-voltage battery. When driving off again or increasing speed, this energy is available to the electric vehicle once more.

No compromises on cargo space capacity

The eTGE provides you with generous loading space for your boxes, shelves and equipment. With up to 10.7 m³, it has the same transport capacity as a standard MAN TGE panel van with rear drive and high roof. First and foremost, however, our eTGE offers you optimal support for your daily transport operations: The interior of the electric van is extremely versatile, allowing you to choose from numerous design options – from wooden or universal flooring, tie-down rails and claddings for floor, side walls, partition wall and ceiling, to precision-fitted shelving systems. Bright LED lighting for the loading bay is also available for the eTGE – as standard.

The MAN eTGE in action

The MAN eTGE is a reliable partner in city traffic: Whether in the courier or logistics sector, in trade or the service industry – with the MAN eTGE you can transport and deliver in an environmentally friendly, quiet and economical way. The all-electric drive ensures low-wear as well as energy-efficient and particularly quiet operation. On any journey, by day or by night – whether in the city centre or on your routes throughout the region.

The MAN eTGE demonstrates its economy with a powerful and robust electric motor, especially on tours with numerous stops or in dense inner-city traffic, and helps you to reap the greatest savings. Where diesel vehicles in stop-and-go traffic consume a lot of fuel and severely strain the engine, gearbox and brakes, the MAN eTGE can truly show its strengths: During each coasting phase, recuperation provides you with new electric energy, which is fed to the high-voltage battery of the vehicle.

Delivery logistics

Short trips and frequent stops are a matter of course when it comes to delivery transport. This is where the MAN eTGE reaches its full potential: Its electric motor offers you outstanding energy and economic efficiency in inner-city distribution transport. You can also benefit from the high payload with 10.7 m³ of loading space, 24/7 use thanks to the ultra-quiet operation and the ability to drive freely in restricted-access areas.

Crafts & trades

Companies covering a distance of up to 80 km with a transporter can fully benefit from the advantages of the MAN eTGE. Once work is complete, the electric vehicles can be conveniently charged using a conventional socket or an AC Wallbox. In addition, the eTGE impresses users with its extensive safety features that come as standard – from the heated windscreen and the rear-view camera to the emergency brake and the flank protection assistant.

Mobile workshops

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your fleet of mobile workshops?

Then you’ve found your answer with the MAN eTGE. With driving assistance systems and comprehensive standard equipment such as an extra comfortable driver’s seat, it will always get your employees where they need to be, safely and conveniently. The virtually silent operation enables driving around the clock – and all this with low wear and operating costs. Not to mention the positive image for your company!

The eTGE is a true MAN And of course you can also rely on 100% MAN service quality when it comes to maintenance and repair. Specially trained technicians will take care of your MAN eTGE at any of our service centres near you. To ensure that you are always good to go, we offer service and maintenance contracts that are tailored precisely to your mobility requirements. The only thing that will be different is the engine oil change that you are used to from diesel vehicles. Because your eTGE doesn’t need it.

Many parts of a conventional combustion engine are no longer required for electric vehicles due to the alternative drive system. Among these are engine components such as air, fuel and oil filter, or engine cooling system. Other wear parts such as the exhaust system, clutch or manually operated gearbox also no longer exist. The absence of the sliding contacts as they are found in three-phase synchronous engines make the engine wear-free. This alone reduces maintenance costs due to the smaller number of components installed.

Individual body solutions from MAN

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  • Tailor-made quality down to the smallest detail
  • Wide range of interior fittings options

To MAN Individual

Johan Laurell, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Denmark

It is important to us to take responsibility, which is why we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of completely restructuring our transport logistics by 2025. The investment in the seven MAN vehicles is a first step in the right direction.

Johan Laurell, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Denmark
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Your individual 360° mobility concept

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