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Transport safety device, other

Loads can also be stowed safely using the system nets and locking bar. For vehicles with airline rails, there are also lashing strap fittings and universal hooks for fastening.

Your benefits

  1. Increased safety
  2. Enables safe load transport

Item numbers

  • 65.66961-0000 System net Prosafe 1,400 x 1,025
  • 65.66961-0001 System net Prosafe 1,775 x 1,150
  • 65.66961-0002 System net Prosafe 2,275 x 1,650
  • 65.66970-0000 Locking bar KIM 44, 1,250-2,100 mm
  • 65.96807-6001 Universal hook for airline rail, set of 4 pieces

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