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MAN Bridge

At a glance

  • Digitilisation made easy
    The basic telematics service MAN Bridge updates your fleet vehicles equipped with on-board telematics module 2 (TBM2) to the latest digital standard.
  • Fleet monitoring for new and existing fleet vehicles
    The use of MAN Bridge standardises and simplifies fleet management for your entire fleet.

Vehicle deployment analysis for your fleet vehicles

With MAN Bridge, you also use the digital services of the RIO platform’s marketplace for your MAN vehicles equipped with on-board telematics module 2 (TBM2).

MAN Bridge is your starter package for using the digital services of the Marketplace. It is a simple gateway to standardised fleet management for your entire fleet – also for existing fleet vehicles equipped with on-board telematics module 2 (TBM2). The MAN Bridge service includes fleet monitor and deployment analysis applications.

The fleet monitor gives you a clear representation of all your vehicles including their current position, which is updated every five minutes. The vehicle deployment analysis collects relevant data on driving time, consumption and speed to evaluate economy. In addition, MAN Bridge allows transferring data to the Pocket Fleet App.

Additional digital services can also be booked in the Marketplace for a fee.

Scope of services

  • Vehicle tracking: Updating of the vehicle position every five minutes
  • 10-day data history for driving time, downtime and engine operation time
  • Consumption data & CO2 emission values
  • Driving distance and average speed
  • Gross weight
  • Departure check for max. 30 days in the past in connection with the MAN Driver App

Vehicle deployment analysis for your fleet vehicles

This is how it works

Booking MAN Bridge

To book MAN Bridge, please switch to the Marketplace.

Checking the Application Programming Interface (API)

Before installing MAN Bridge, please check your current interface connection (API). External systems, such as logistics software or in-house developments, are connected to the MAN TeleMatics platform via the API. If the API interface is not compatible, there is a risk that it may no longer be possible to establish a connection to the third-party systems.

Switch from MAN TeleMatics to the RIO platform

The MAN TeleMatics functions and interfaces can no longer be used after activating MAN Bridge. In addition, historical data from the MAN TeleMatics system will not be transferred to the RIO platform.

Booking of further services

After booking MAN Bridge, you can book other services via the Marketplace for a fee. Please note that this can cause functional restrictions with other services. You can find detailed information about the individual restrictions on the corresponding service page in the Marketplace.

This service is available for MAN trucks, not for the MAN TGE and not for buses from MAN and NEOPLAN.

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