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MAN Lion’s City E: Our electric city bus

MAN Lion’s City E: The electric city bus

At a glance

  • Convincing efficiency
    200 to 270 km without a charging stop –thanks to modern battery technology.
  • Fully electric and emission-free
    The MAN electric bus is a lion on soft paws: no emissions, no noise.
  • Pure driving pleasure
    Inviting passenger area meets ergonomic driver’s workplace and distinctive ambience.

Did you know that the charging infrastructure only makes up the fifth largest cost block of your TCO?

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Safe bus travel thanks to MAN hygiene measures

Safe bus travel with the MAN hygiene concept

Keep your drivers and passengers protected: With our hygiene measures, you take comprehensive precautions and help minimise any risk of coronavirus infection on board.
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Lithium-ion battery modules

Lithium-ion battery modules

  • High capacity: 480/640 kWh (solo/articulated bus)
  • Proven technology
  • High charging capacity: 150 kW

Electric central motor

Electric central motor

  • Solobus: Continuous/maximum power 160/270 kW
  • Articulated bus: Continuous/maximum power 270/400 kW
  • Maximum torque: 2,100/3,500 Nm

The MAN Lion’s City 12 E
MAN Lion’s City 12 E

  • Length: 12.2 m
  • No. of seats: 41
  • Engine: Electric central motor

Technical data sheet
The MAN Lion’s City 18 E
MAN Lion’s City 18 E

  • Length: 18.1 m
  • No. of seats: 45
  • Engine: Two driven axles, two electric central motors

Technical data sheet

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