Telematics solutions for your trucks: MAN DigitalServices

Telematics solutions for your trucks: MAN DigitalServices

At a glance

  • Simple steps to a superbly cost-efficient fleet
    Thanks to comprehensive analysis data, you can optimise route planning, vehicle utilisation and driver performance. Thus we help you to reduce fuel consumption, which may positively affect your overall operational costs.
  • Truck fleet management made easy
    Automated tachograph management and clear maintenance management help to reduce administrative effort and facilitate the organisation of your truck fleet.

Optimise your fleet for economy and efficiency

MAN DigitalServices

With MAN DigitalServices for trucks, we help you to optimise your business processes, reduce fuel and administration costs and improve the performance of your drivers. Whether in the transport and logistics sector or the building industry – digitilisation of your truck fleet helps you to increase your efficiency.

You always keep an eye on your vehicles – whether in long-haul or distribution transport. You can intervene in the route planning at any time should the situation require it, thus we support you to ensure a punctual and reliable delivery. Automated processes and tachograph data evaluation allow for keeping an eye on proper driving and rest times of your drivers at all times.

Analyse vehicle performance, consumption values and driver performance – this allows you to identify optimisation potential and to continuously improve the performance of your drivers. This will not only positively affect fuel consumption and vehicle wear but also the happiness of your drivers.

Our digital services also simplify maintenance management of your trucks for you. You are informed at all times about upcoming maintenance appointments, and you can coordinate the appointments directly with your MAN service outlet.

All truck services

  • Free basic package with the most important basic functions for fleet administration
  • Reliable journey history and vehicle-related deployment analysis
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  • Automatically read and store tachograph and driver card data
  • Easily archive trip and operational data
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  • Journey history of the previous 25 months for identifying optimisation potential of operational performance
  • Reliable, efficient route planning with extensive map material
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  • Free digital support for truck drivers
  • Conducted departure check including checklist
  • Connecting driver, fleet manager and workshop
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  • Proactive, digital maintenance management by MAN for your MAN fleet
  • Intelligent combination of upcoming maintenance appointments by your MAN service outlet
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  • Digital maintenance management for your entire fleet
  • Individual monitoring of the vehicle fleet and individual vehicle components
  • Full flexibility: You decide which maintenance work you want to carry out and in which areas MAN should proactively support you
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  • Shortened GPS tracking interval for up-to-the-minute location tracking of your vehicles
  • Allows you to make timely changes to route planning
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  • Meaningful vehicle analyses to identify inefficient driving styles
  • Allows comparable driver evaluations for your fleet
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  • Clear indication of driving and rest periods
  • Individual and efficient deployment and route planning thanks to up-to-the-minute transmission of driver activities
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  • Vehicle telematics for vehicles with on-board telematics module 1 (TBM1)
  • Fleet management with the MAN TeleMatics App: Keep an eye on your fleet at all times
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