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At a glance

  • Reliable safety
    The MAN TGS features smart assistance and safety systems to optimally support the driver on any terrain.
  • Instantly at your service
    Thanks to the outstanding MAN spare parts supply system and the tightly-knit network of workshops, we always get you back on the road – or construction site – in no time.

Saying no to downtimes

Efficient and predictive maintenance procedures are our solution for keeping downtimes to a minimum.

The TGS is equipped with a modular vehicle electrical system.

Knowing where: quick diagnosis of the modular vehicle electrical system

Effective troubleshooting – thanks to the modular structure of the vehicle electrical system, defective parts can be quickly identified and replaced. This minimizes downtimes and service costs. Another advantage of the modular design: The system can be expanded as required, thus offering a high degree of flexibility. Whatever the future holds, we already have a solution for you.

Faster than you can say MAN

We have all you need, right at the very time you need it.

MAN Roadside Assist

MAN Roadside Assist: comprehensive support for you

Having recently taken delivery of your new MAN vehicle, you will receive as standard, our unique MAN assist package, covering you roadside for 48 months. This free service is extended to you whether you’re a private vehicle purchaser, a fleet, or rental company, or a Commonwealth, state, or local government customer. Now roadside assistance travels with you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 24/7 service is delivered throughout Australia from a highly trained team of technicians and recovery operators.

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Our MAN Service Network is always there for you.

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Explore MAN's expansive dealerships across Australia. Whether you are interested in buying, selling or maintaining your current MAN, our team of highly trained professionals will help you with whatever you are after.

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