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  • The MAN D0836 engine
    The MAN D0836 engine is fuel efficient, low in maintenance and perfectly prepared for Euro 5.
  • Essentials for more efficiency
    The most important vehicle information, vehicle-specific operating data analyses, current map data and much more at a glance.
  • Cost control thanks to service packages
    The tailor-made MAN service packages make the costs for maintenance transparent and easy to plan.

MAN D0836 engine: less is more

Slimline engine for more payload.

The MAN D0836 engine.

The MAN D0836 engine is a true all-rounder: Not only does it weigh less than its predecessor but also saves fuel and reduces maintenance costs thanks to its slimline construction. All of this without compromising on efficiency. Thanks to SCR without EGR, it is also ideally prepared for the Euro 5 emissions standard. So easily, less becomes more for you to count on.

Knowing what lies ahead: the MAN Service contracts

Full control over maintenance costs and longer maintenance intervals keep your vehicle and your company fit.

MAN Service contracts make it possible to plan ahead when it comes to maintenance costs.

Looking for a little less? MAN Service contracts eradicate unexpected maintenance costs and with them a load of unnecessary stress from your work life. It is up to you to decide which repair and maintenance jobs are covered by this.

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