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The cosy hammock can be attached above the bunk and provides a relaxed sitting position. Maximum comfort, especially in conjunction with the retrofittable TV. Easy to stow away by rolling up and fixing with loops.


  • Black design with subtle grey dots
  • Durable fabric with topstitching
  • Is fastened with 2 snap hooks on the wall bracket (must also be mounted)
  • For storage, just roll it up and fix it with 2 loops


Ask your MAN service outlet for detailed information and the necessary parts for installation. Installation by a MAN service outlet is recommended.

Item number Designation Suitable for
U1.62159-5010 Hammock1) All TGX from MY 2020
  1. The item number does not include assembly parts. Assembly parts must be ordered separately.


Please contact your nearest MAN service network and let us inspire you.

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