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Design sunblind, aerodynamically optimised

Design sunblind, aerodynamically optimised

The aerodynamically optimised sunblind is made of transparent, dark grey tinted plastic and is mounted in front of the windscreen. It contributes to increased driving and road safety by reducing glare caused by solar radiation.

A visual statement, the exclusive design enhances the vehicle’s modern premium appearance.

The aerodynamically optimised design ensures that the air resistance with sunblind is approximately the same level as without, thus avoiding a negative effect on fuel consumption.


  • High-quality special plastic (PMMA) with high impact strength, hardness, scratch resistance, as well as light and weather resistance
  • Aerodynamically optimised – no negative effects on fuel consumption


Installation varies depending on the vehicle equipment. Ask your MAN service outlet for detailed information and the parts required for assembly. Fitting by an MAN service outlet is recommended.

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.63701-6056 Design sun visor, aerodynamically optimised, chrome trim TG with GX cab
U1.63701-5003 Design sun visor GX, black
81.63701-6061 Design sun visor TG-GM, aerodynamically optimised, chrome trim TG with GM cab
U1.63701-5004 Design sun visor GM, black
U1.63701-5005 Design sun visor NN, TN, DN, black TGS, TGM, TGL with NN, TN, DN cab
U1.63701-5006 Design sun visor TM, black TGS, TGM, TGL with TM cab
U1.63701-5001 Trim center sun visor, chrome TGS, TGM, TGL with NN, TN, DN, TM cab
U1.63701-5002 Trim center sun visor, jet black


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