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Superior safety and occupant comfort

The MAN Lion’s Intercity on the road in urban and rural areas

At a glance

  • Outstanding safety package
    MAN's coach chassis offer an outstanding safety package that cannot be beat. Our numerous safety features ensure enchanced active and passive safety features for driver and passengers alike.
  • Reliable you can count on
    Offering exended warranty packages, MAN's coach chassis delivers confidence you can rely on.Furthermore with AMT and fully automatic (ZF Eco Life 2) transmission options, our coach chassis offers versatility for every operation.
  • Superior comfort
    Highly flexible, MAN's coach chassis is suitable for a range of body options. With bathroom and accessibility options, passengers will travel in ultimate luxury.

Buses for Long Distance Transport

The MAN ultra heavy-duty two/three axle coach range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of long-distance transportation. Providing extreme comfort for passengers and drivers alike is only part of the package. With enhanced safety features, superb vehicle handling and powerful engines, the MAN coach range guarantees efficiency, reliability and outstanding fuel economy.

When it comes to touring, MAN’s high floor CO 19.430 E6 (RR2) two axle offers an outstanding option with superior comfort, safety, and efficiency features. This model offers superior passenger and driver comfort and all of the latest safety features.

It is exceptionally fuel-efficient, very quiet, and is easy to drive even in stop-and-go traffic. When it comes to long-distance transportation, there’s no better choice than the RR2 which prioritises comfort, safety and efficiency.

MAN’s premium coach, the CO 26.510 E6 (RR4), is the ultimate choice when it comes to both pulling power and passenger comfort. Specifically designed to provide the utmost level of comfort to passengers during day trips, this model also has incredible power, outstanding fuel efficiency, and the most modern safety features on the market.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity in action as intercity bus

Overseas Body Builders



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The MAN Lion’s Intercity in action as school bus

Local Body Builders

Coach Designs

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Lion’s Intercity LE

CO 19.430 RR2 chassis with Irizar body

CO 26.510 RR4 chassis with Irizar body

Safe bus travel thanks to MAN hygiene measures

CO 26.510 RR4 chassis with Bonluck body

RR2/RR4 chassis with Coach Design body

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